She thought she was the first one since ancient Rome. Her mother wished she could do it, too. Her doctor called it "a great weight control technique." Read what it was like to consider yourself the first and only one since ancient Rome –and still live a fascinating life.

The Skinny: Adventures of
America's First Bulimic by Rayni Joan $16.95

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Author's Statement

It’s a thrilling experience for me to have my first novel published at age 67. For most of my career I have been involved in writing and publishing. As journalist and then college English professor, writing was like daily bread. Later, a single mom with three kids, I worked for business publishers as a sales executive. Along with all this, at the same time, I traveled a kind of alternative road – graduating from an Interfaith seminary, becoming an Interfaith minister, shaman, astrologer; playing piano, creating music, trying to pull together all of my interests with my Zen Sales workshops.


I’m proud of my accomplishments – personal and professional. Recently critically ill, grief enveloped me as I contemplated leaving my beloved family. But I survived and am now in healing mode. When I was ill, it occurred to me that not only are my children and grandchildren my legacy, but also, I have the good fortune to be able to share my story in The Skinny: Adventures of America’s First Bulimic.